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 “Our sales rep was awesome! Rick has helped our entire family now, especially my niece. The insurance didn’t want to pay for her roof and only wanted to give her $167. He got her a new roof and a new air conditioner! He got us a new roof , new AC and the whole house painted. He got my other niece a new roof, and my mother a new roof, carport, ac and 2 rooms of interior damage approved. I have never seen crews so fast and so good! Every roof was done, and cleaned up in the same day they started! AMAZING!

Ricardo Corona

“We tried to deal with our insurance company on our own. They wanted us to repair our roof and brought a contractor with them that said it was repairable. A tree had fallen on our roof from the terrible wind and hail storm. We didn’t think it was right. We didn’t know what to do so we called U.S. Restoration since we had seen there signs in our neighborhood. The representative was so good they got our whole roof fixed and a new air conditioner. Our claim went from $4800 in damage to $22,000. We could have never done it without U.S. Restoration!”

Ron &Sharon Funni

“We are so thankful for U.S. Restoration. We could have never dealt with this on our own. They were with us every step of the way. Our claim was very difficult. The insurance originally approved new gutter, roof, storm door and 1 wall of siding. Our representative went through 3 different adjusters and after 3 months of bickering they finally got us all new siding. They did our roof right away and warned us that it may take time to get the rest approved. We are so thankful. We thank God that we decided to go with them. The sales manager even took personal interest in our claim for the insurance specialist that we had signed up with because it was so difficult.

Randolf &Carrie Yancey

“We really liked our sales rep, Adam. State Farm denied our claim! He ended up getting it overturned, not only that we even got a new AC Unit! The total claim went from nothing to $15,000.”

Shelly Smith

“After I agreed to go with U.S. Restoration my niece was extremely mad! She told my wife and me that I should cancel immediately or we would get ripped off! I was the one that signed the contract and I told my wife I am really confident in the sales rep and I knew he had a lot of experience with insurance companies. It went exactly as he said it would. He got the roof approved and back wall of the house painted and my AC approved for a comb out. A week later I notice my AC making funny noises when it came on. He said he would hold off on the roof till there AC technician looked at it. There technician said parts were no longer made to repair the unit properly. I was patient while our rep worked his magic! 1 month later we had a new AC and new roof! They did the whole job in 2 days! My niece got denied on her roof and finally agreed to let them help her. Now she has a new roof! Maybe she shouldn’t be so quick to judge!

Joe Martinez

“After they helped my parents I had them step in our claim that I was pursuing myself. They had only approved a paint job on the house when all of my siding was dented. By the time U.S. Restoration was done they got me a new roof on the house and garage, all new vinyl siding with a Lifetime warranty, my fence re-stained, a new awning, a new patio door, a new front door and storm door, and a new shed the total claim was $26724.00. Thanks so much!”

Brian &Sahrah Funni

“At first we were not going to let U.S. Restoration work with us, but 2 days later we saw them putting on our neighbors roof. We had the rep come back over and agreed to let him help us. He got us a new roof, all new siding, a new garage door, gutters and even enough money to buy a brand new shed. We referred them to half the neighborhood and ended up getting 8 free dinners at the best steakhouse in town!”

Chris &Karen Garmen

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